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Our business lines


Examples of tourism studies

  • Heritage and tourism positioning study in St Claude (Private project owner)

  • La Route des Moulins de Marie-Galante (Community of Communes of Marie-Galante)

  • Tourist Action Plan for Guadeloupe (Region)

  • The Cane, Sugar and Rum Route (Region)

  • Feasibility study for the establishment of an inter-island air transport in the Caribbean - CARIBSKY (Air Antilles)

  • Feasibility study for sustainable air transport in French Guiana (French Guiana Region)

conseil d'entreprises durables guadeloupe martinique

Studies of tourism projects

In our study requests, we direct our clients to the solution that we believe to be the most virtuous in its sustainability principles.

Integrate the immediate environment, involve the population, training human resources and promoting local know-how are the recurring principles of our business.


Examples of APO

  • Setting up sustainable tourism in North Basse-Terre (Agglomeration Community of North Basse-Terre)

  • Creation of an action group for sustainable tourism in Guadeloupe (Economic, Social and Cultural Council of Guadeloupe)

  • Setting up of conventions for sustainable partnerships between the Tourism Committee of the Islands of Guadeloupe (TCIG) and the 6 Public Establishment for Inter-Municipal Cooperation (EIMC) of Guadeloupe


Assistance to Project Owners (APO)

AIGUILLAGE advises the project leader from the beginning to the end, from the idea to the complete realization (opportunity study, feasibility study, business plan and search for financing).

Our presence in the field allows us to offer a "tailor-made service" to our customers by understanding their needs and by associating all the skills necessary to the realization of their project to be the interface between the customers and all the resources that will intervene on the project (local authorities, architects, scenographers, banks...).

Being attentive to the customer's needs is our priority.


Examples of territorial development projects

  • Realization of Territorial Tourist objective conventions for Guadeloupe

  • Tourist Development and Planning Scheme for the Riviera du Levant

  • Tourist Development and Planning Scheme for the North Grande-Terre region

  • OCEAN beach studies

  • Definition of a Rural and Nature Strategy for "South Martinique"


Territorial Development

The islands are generally small territories that call for particular vigilance in their choices of tourism development.


In a context of global growth in tourist arrivals, our island territories, which are highly attractive, are becoming vulnerable in environmental, social and cultural terms.


Our objective is to reconcile, in partnership with the stakeholders in the field, tourist activity, environmental quality and the cultural offer of the area for economic benefits that benefit the greatest number of people.

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