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About us

Nous intervenons en Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyane et la Caraïbe


AIGUILLAGE is a consulting firm created in 2001 to assist public and private companies wishing to invest in the tourism sector in the West Indies-Guyana and the Caribbean.  


Since 2001, AIGUILLAGE has been working regularly with partner companies to develop a collective intelligence and build a solid team sharing common values. 


These values are those of sustainable tourism, where the concepts of eco-responsibility, interest for the tourist clientele, respect for the host population and sharing of wealth for the better development of local partners predominate.

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Our story

The story of aiguillage

AIGUILLAGE is a sole proprietorship created in June 2001 by Caroline ROMNEY, then holder of a DESS in Caribbean Business Law.


As she was on her way to take the Bar exam, the President of the Guadeloupe Region called her in following the presentation of her 3rd cycle dissertation on the stakes of air transport in the Caribbean for which she received the prize for the best dissertation.


This call was decisive in her professional career. Caroline ROMNEY then decided to create AIGUILLAGE and since then, has been constantly adding new skills, particularly in territorial marketing (training with Vincent Gollain) and is also interested in Günter Pauli's new paradigms of sustainable development.


For different expertise, Caroline ROMNEY regularly works for and with many firms: CATRAM, DEFICARAÏBES, EXPAIR, HORWATH - HTL, LE GRAPPE, MARGARITA...


Over the years, Caroline ROMNEY has been able to build around her a network of stakeholders with very specific sectoral expertise that she mobilizes on the following activities:


- Training of stakeholders,

- Technicality of air transport,

- Balance sheet and financial statements,

- Corporate communication.


This strong collaborative practice led by Caroline ROMNEY enables us to provide a comprehensive, innovative and tailor-made response to the needs expressed and felt by our clients.


Caroline ROMNEY


Holder of a Master's degree in Caribbean Business Law, Caroline ROMNEY decided to create AIGUILLAGE in June 2001.

 AIGUILLAGE is a consulting company whose objective is to assist public and private companies wishing to invest in the tourism sector in the Antilles-Guyana and the Caribbean.

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